Education and Learning Strategy, Faculty of Medicine, Beni Suef University

Education and Learning Strategy, Faculty of Medicine, Beni Suef University

an introduction:

       Strategy is a plan that shows how to reach a specific goal and refers to a network of ideas, experiences, expectations, objectives, experience and memory that represent this plan so that it provides a general framework for a set of actions that reach a specific goal. As for the strategies and methods of teaching and learning they refer to the methods and plans pursued by the institution to reach the goals of learning using different teaching methods used to create the appropriate environment for learning and identify the nature of activity, which includes the role of the teacher and the role of the learner during the educational process. The learning strategy is the specific actions of the learner to make the learning process easier, faster, more enjoyable and effective, which makes it capable of self-learning and to employ what is learned in professional practice.

       As the focus of education and students is one of the main axes to achieve the strategic goals and the final goals in the college strategy, it is related to the following set of goals and strategic objectives:

Preparing a distinguished graduate capable of competing in the local and regional labor market
Approval of the academic standards established by the National Authority for Quality Assurance of Education and Accreditation
Increase the faculty's ability to absorb student numbers according to local and international academic standards
Providing social services, sports activities and student health care
Develop and activate the student's self-learning ability
Parties involved in the preparation of an education and learning strategy


Scientific departments in the college to choose appropriate teaching and learning strategies

Advertising Strategy

Web site

Mechanisms to follow up the implementation of the education and learning strategy


- Forming a committee to follow up the implementation of the education and learning strategy

- A review of the strategy in the light of the results of the students and the survey of students, faculty and the supporting body

- Writing reports and submitting them to the Vice Dean for Education and Learning

Teaching and Learning Strategies:

       In view of the continuous development of medical education strategies and the requirements of the National Authority for Quality Assurance of Education and Accreditation, many modern teaching strategies have been adopted with the gradual shift to increase the practical doses and early exposure of the disease in the curriculum through the decisions of the College Council until completion of the new regulation of the new Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery program By adopting the following strategies:

 The strategy of coordination and integration between different disciplines and medical sciences to achieve the linkage of basic sciences with their clinical and practical applications by coordinating the departments to teach parallel subjects as much as possible in the first stage, as well as coordination between the various clinical departments in the second phase (Temporal Coordination). All the required changes are presented to the Committee for the Design and Development of Educational Programs to be approved by the College Council.

Self-learning strategy with continuous follow-up through the gradation in the notification and assignment of the student pre-preparatory readings for subsequent educational activities with specific assignments for each educational activity. A number of lectures are also posted on the College's website and departments, with the students being asked to review these topics and submit them in the departmental conferences and in some discussion sessions. The learning process is followed by continuous objective evaluation.

 The use of different educational sources of knowledge such as university books, scientific references and periodicals, e-learning and the international information network.