Evaluation Module of the Exam Paper

Evaluation Module of the Exam Paper

basic information :-

- educationl programs :

- Rapporteur:

- the level :

- Type of work: exam, project, lab, workshop, exercises

B - points of examination of students' work

- Full and clear basic data:

Course Name:
the level:
Program name:
Total degree:
Partial degree:
- clarity of the evaluation method.

- The degree granted determines the level of achievement of the intended educational outcomes.

- Evaluation of the contents of the course.

- The evaluation method has clear controls.

- The evaluation methods are varied (essayist, objective).

- Assessment methods measure only conservation.

- Assessment methods measure knowledge and skills.

- Debtor's commitment to declared degrees.

- Evaluation reflects the level of student work.

- Evaluation methods are able to arrange students according to their levels and performance.