Clinical Research Unit

Clinical Research Unit

 The Clinical Research Center was established through the Education Development Center at the Faculty of Human Medicine at Beni Suef University

· The Center is the second center for clinical research at the level of the Republic after Alexandria University

· The Center participated in a number of international clinical studies (Phase 3 & 4) and surveys carried out studies in different disciplines including:

                                    Tumors - chest - Cardiac  - Pediatrics - neurology 

· It has been evaluated by international observers in the field of clinical studies as one of the best centers in terms of quality

· This center aims to:

· Training and teaching doctors on the basics of scientific research and experimentation through the courses and workshops that are organized

· Conducting the necessary pharmacological tests on what has been or is being discovered from new medicines or therapeutic methods to ascertain their effectiveness, safety and use of the drug on the human body.

· Participating in clinical research on endemic diseases in Beni Suef Governorate and the Arab Republic of Egypt in cooperation with all local and international bodies

· To interact strongly with research centers to serve scientific research in Egypt