Faculty Administration

Dean and Chairman of the University Hospital Management:
D / Wael El Shaer

Gentlemen agents college
D / Amira Hammam      the Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Research
D / Dalia Hussen Helmy       the  Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs
D / Ayman Refaat    the Vice Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development

Council of heads of hospital administration Gamayalsabakan:
D / Mohamed Mahmoud Alaptanony
D / Ahmed berth marina
 D / Shaaban Mohamed Ramadan
D / Alaa Abdel Halim Marzouk
D / Mansour Hassan Ahmed
 D / Mohamed Abd El Qader

The current director of the hospital:
D / Emad El Bana

Former hospital managers:
D / Shaaban Mohamed Ramadan
D / Abdul Majeed Abul-Magd
D /Ayman Refaat
D /Hisham Boshra
 EDM Hospital
Oversees the Beni Suef University Hospital Board of Directors is composed of professors of the Faculty of Medicine Beni Suef Management Board meets to approve therapeutic, educational and financial policies of the hospital and decide on all the emerging issues in all service areas provided